“Michelle is a wonderful therapist! I saw numerous therapists before Michelle that yielded zero results. Michelle has a special way of making me face my fears head-on while at the same time giving me a feeling of calm. I look forward to every appointment I have with her!”

“Michelle created a very emotionally safe environment with a strong sense of trust. She shared just enough about herself to make me feel connected to her while still remaining very professional; giving me confidence in her knowledge and training. The qualities that she demonstrated allowed me to give myself permission to be vulnerable without the fear of being judged

“Michelle has a wealth of knowledge and incredible capacity to hear and remember everything you say even weeks or months after you have said it. She has a way of listening and caring that tells you it is safe to express your feelings, no matter what they are. Then she helps you to see things in a different light, or from a different perspective. She does not judge you, she listens, encourages and helps you to be a better you.”

“Michelle is a very energetic and positive person. Her yoga classes are a reflection of her personality. She will help you to push and challenge yourself, while still finding “Joy” in each situation or posture. I always enjoy her classes.”

“My yoga classes with Michelle not only work my body and feed my soul, but she brings knowledge to my mind with all of her bits of knowledge.

“I was very anxious but excited for our first Daring Way meeting and I felt immediately at ease. Michelle has a beautiful way of creating an atmosphere of safety and security. Her own ‘realness’ and her total acceptance of us and where we were in each of our own lives gave us all permission to be vulnerable. And that vulnerability is what began this beautiful journey into LIFE for me. I am so grateful.”

“I am struck by Michelle’s professionalism, generous nature, and ability to create a welcoming, personalized atmosphere both physically and emotionally. She allowed each of us to get real with ourselves and with each other as layers were shed and authenticity emerged. Her personal attention carried us all through amazing growth and courageous change, which will have sustaining power as we continue to learn and grow. Michelle has the capacity and wisdom for awesome intervention in the lives of others.